Event Overview

  • Title of the event: 2022 Busan Ocean Marathon
  • Date and Time : October 23, 2022
  • Category : 10km road race, 5km Health running, (Untact Full / Half)
  • Entries : 10,000 First come, first served
  • Assembly area : Haeundae BEXCO Outdoor Plaza (Untact Full, Half is Everywhere)
  • Host : Busan Daily
  • Supervisor : Busan Metropolitan City Athletics Federation, Busan Infrastructure Corporation, BUM-Company
  • Support : Busan Metropolitan City, Busan Sports Association, nhis, Busan Ulsan Gyeongnam Regional Headquarters

Category and Participation Fee

  • Course


    Goal-Studio Package

    10km Road Race

    35,000 Won

    74,000 Won

    5km Health Running

    25,000 Won

    64,000 Won

    Untact Full / Half

    35,000 Won

    74,000 Won

  • <Goal Studio Package Guide>
    If you apply as a package product that includes goal studio slippers, 39,000 won for each event will be added.
  • <<View package products in detail>>

Departure time and time limit

  • 10km course: Departure at 8:20
  • 5km course: 8:40 sequential departure (sequential departure immediately after 10km participant departure)
    ※For the 10km and 5km courses, move to the upper floor of Gwangan Bridge at 08:00 at the rally point (BEXCO) and start the race at a separate starting point.
  • Time limit (based on time from start point to finish point)
    - The Busan Sea Marathon strictly applies the time limit to minimize inconvenience to citizens due to traffic control.
    - The time limit is 1 hours 40 minutes for the 10km course, and 1 hour and 20 minutes for the 5km course.

Participation information

  • First come, first served 10,000 people close
  • Credit card and virtual account payment (will be notified when participation is accepted)
  • ※Please pay the participation fee within 3 days after applying for participation.
  • Support for 1 tent for 30 or more people who apply for group participation
  • ※If there are more than 60 people in the group, please contact the secretariat and consult separately.

Refund Guide

  • Refund period : During the registration period
    (after the refund application period, the event cannot be changed/refunded/transferred)
  • Refund method : telephone (051-461-4046) or 1:1 kakaotalk, email(marathon@busan.com)
  • Refund amount : 100% Refund
  • Refund date : Within two weeks from the refund receipt date
  • Please reconfirm your personal information (name, date of birth, contact number) prior to contacting management office for requesting refund.

Safety procedures

  • The competition is held with safety as the top priority
  • Operation of the emergency medical center at the meeting point
  • Emergency first responders and ambulances are on standby at major points on the course, and inline patrols are operated
  • Establish an emergency contact system with the emergency room of the hospital near the meeting point and course
  • Join the Sports Safety Foundation 'organizer liability deduction'
  • Request for cooperation with the Coast Guard in preparation for the Gwangan Bridge Fall Safety Accident

※10km and 5km course will be held on-site, and full and half course will be held in a untact race from October 21st to 23rd (3 days)


  Deposit account information

Use a virtual account

  051. 461. 4046~7       marathon@busan.com

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