Application method

Personal participation: To be applied through the Internet and must be within the application period Offline or physical applications will not be supported

Group participation: Two or more groups can be applied as a group application, and can be processed using credit cards or bank transfer as one account. (However, there will be no group discounts offered)

Participants that intend to apply (group application) should download group application form and send it to upon completing the application form.


Application qualification and restrictions

Application qualification: Male or female that are fit to finish the course within required time.

Anyone suffering from diseases that are not suitable to run a marathon, such as heart or kidney disease, tuberculosis, pleurisy, brain hemorrhage, fainting disorder, infectious disease, etc., and any problems rising by anyone participating in the event without revealing such diseases will be the responsibility of the said participants.


Handouts (Runner's number patches, record chip)

Number patch

-  All participants must attach the official number patch supplied by the event host on the chest  

- The number patch cannot be reproduced, falsified or made arbitrarily.

- Anyone without number patches attached to the chest, or using illegal number patches will not be able to participate.

Record chip

- The record chip must be handled with care and must be attached to the laces of sneakers in a round form.

(5Km course is not a competitive event and will not be given record chips)

- Used record chips need not be returned after the event.


Method of distribution

The souvenirs, number patches and record chips will be mailed to each participants, postage prepaid.



Official event T-shirt (refer to the picture)

Couple bands for couple runners (Couple run participant certification)


Introduction to record measuring system

Busan Sea Marathon uses official record chips in order to ensure accurate record keeping.

In addition, video records of each sector are kept to ensure additional security on accuracy.

Instructions on using record chips


1. The record chips are encased in the number patches so please confirm that the record chips are included upon receiving the package.

2. Please attach the record chips on the laces of running shoes as per the diagram

3. Attach the record chip so that the adhesive tape falls to the bottom

4. Do not fold or crease the chips and maintain it in a round form

5. Please do not intentionally harm or wet the chip

6. Once the chip is attached, it must go through the record keeping mat.

7. Using other person’s chip will not register your records.

8. On-site awards are provided for first to third placed winners according to the gun time


For additional questions on record chips, contact Nishi Sports Marathon Chip at Tel: 02)821-2081~3 / Fax: 02)821-2085


Responsibility to check the health of each participant

Participants must be fit enough to finish the applied courses without any problems.

We recommend taking health examination prior to the event, since there may be hidden heart problems.

The event host may request that a participant submit health diagnosis. Although event insurance is covered for all participants, each runner should be aware of his or her own health status and should stop running immediately if some complications appear while running. The event host does not provide any additional support other than the event insurance and it is advised that each participant consult medical institutions to check for the health to see if he or she can participate in the event.


Guide to marathon insurance

The participants of Busan Sea Marathon are covered by event insurance by the president of the event host as the Insurance provider under the following conditions: (Up to a Hundred million won per participant for marathon event


Special conditions

Maximum amount per participant (won)

Death during the event

Accidental death during marathon running

Maximum one hundred million won

Accidental injury suffered while marathon running

Disability due to accidental injury suffered while running the marathon

Maximum one hundred million won

Death by illness suffered during running the marathon

Accidental death caused by an illness suffered during marathon running

Not applicable

▷Details of Busan Sea Marathon insurance coverage

*During running marathon means the time from the start of marathon to the finish.

*”Accidental injury” shall mean bodily injury suffered from abrupt and coincidental impact from the outside. “Disability due to accidental injury” shall refer to permanent bodily injury suffered as a result of abrupt and coincidental impact from the outside during running the marathon and the payment shall be according to the disability rate. The payment shall be based on the injury suffered during the race and will not cover any illness or injury not related to the event.

*Deaths related to excessive drinking after the event may be subject to accident investigation There will be no payment unrelated to the marathon race Therefore, please refrain from activities that may harm the recovery from running such as drinking right after the race.

*Any claims unjustly claimed that are unrelated to the race may lead to insurance fraud investigation by the insurance company.


Guide on the start, halfway point and finish lines

Start: Each participant must start at the start line according to the event guides and shall start upon judges start notification for each of the courses. The start line may be congested but since a net time is provided, there is no need to rush and should start slowly.

Halfway point: All courses have halfway point and each participant should pass through the record sensors located at the halfway point in order for the record to be recognized.

Finish: Upon reaching the finish line, please take the water bottle and proceed to snack dispensing area quickly in order to give room for the rest of the runners.

Disqualification: When a participants entry fee has been paid in full and confirmed, transfer of runners or surrogate runners will not be allowed. Transfer of runners or surrogate runners will be disqualified and run record certificate will not be issued.

Running with record chip of others and deliberate acts to sabotage or make the management of the event difficult and other unjust activities will disqualify the runner and such disqualified runners may be subject to be blacklisted for future events. In order to alleviate such unjust activities, the event organizers will place cameras to record potential disqualifying activities. Failure to attach number patches or attaching falsified numbers will result in removal from the race by the event organizers.

Real cases for disqualifications

- Failure to attach number patches or chips, or damaging the number patches

- Surrogate running or running with more than one record chips

- Starting from different courses other than the one applied for.

- Participants riding shuttle buses or emergency vehicles

- Participants disturbing operation of the race, accurate record keeping, intentionally disturbing other runners.


Dressing rooms and storage: Dressing rooms and storage facilities will be set up in the outdoor square of Bexco.


Traffic control

All vehicles including all cars, bicycles and motor cycles for rooting  And coaching except for event organizers. However, broadcasting and reporting vehicles will be exempt from such restrictions. Vehicles of the organizers must attach stickers on the upper right side of the vehicle issued by the organizers.


Shuttle buses and medical vehicles: Each courses shall have shuttle buses and medical vehicles for the people who give up the race.


Supply of beverages

Water will be supplied after 5km, and water and beverages every 2.5km meters thereafter. Water will be supplied at the finish line by a separate water supply table.



There will be an emergency ambulance attended by EMT personnel within the race sectors and emergency medical place set up to provide rest and emergency procedures at the finish line.


Discontinuation of the race

In the event of natural disasters or other disasters that make the race impossible or continue to operate, the event organizers may stop or cancel the race and the participating fees will not be refundable.


Race record certification

The race record certification shall be distributed electronically via mobile. (However, 5km/slow jogging course is not a competitive rave and will be exempt)

For couple participants, both runners must go through the start and finish lines together to be considered for official record, and will be issued couple mobile record certificate.




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