Application method

  • Personal participation
  • - To be applied through the Internet

    - Must be within the application period Offline or physical applications will not be supported

  • Group participation
  • - Two or more groups can be applied as a group application, and can be processed using credit cards or bank transfer as one account. 

      (However, there will be no group discounts offered)

    ※ If you want to fill out the form yourself (group), please download the group participation application file and send it to

  • Application qualification and restrictions
  • - Application qualification : Male or female that are fit to finish the course within required time

    - restrictions : Anyone suffering from diseases that are not suitable to run a marathon, such as heart or kidney disease, tuberculosis, pleurisy, brain hemorrhage, fainting disorder, infectious disease, etc., and any problems rising by anyone participating in the event without revealing such diseases will be the responsibility of the said participants.

    Pets are not allowed, and personal mobility devices such as electric kickboards are prohibited.

Distribution (Bib number, Souvenirs, etc)

  • Bib Number
    -All participants attach the Bib number patch supplied by the event host on the chest.
    -The Bib number cannot be reproduced, falsified or made arbitrarily.
    -You cannot participate in the marathon if you do not attach a Bib Number or if you attach an illegal Bib Number.
  • a record chip
    - Be careful not to damage the record chip and make sure to attach it to the shoelace in a round shape.
    - Only the 10 km category will be provided with a record chip
    - You do not need to return the used chip.

Method of distribution

  • The souvenirs, Bib number will be mailed to each participants, postage prepaid.(Shipped only in Korea)

Pre-shipment Souvenirs

  • Souvenir - 10km, 5km: T-shirt + socks + record chip (except for 5km) + bib + brochure
  •           ※ Reward upon completion: finisher medal + drink + snacks

Introduction to record measuring system

  • The Busan Sea Marathon has applied an authorized record chip system to ensure the accuracy of records.
    - Additional complementary measures are taken through video recording at each gate for determination and recording.
  • Precautions for use of record chips
    1. Before the marathon, the Bib number you received will be enclosed with a chip, so make sure that the Bib number contains the chip.
    2. Wear the distributed chips on the shoelaces or sneakers as shown in the picture of how to wear the chips.
    3. Wear the chip with the adhesive tape facing down as shown.
    4. Do not fold or crumple the chips and keep them round.
    5. Do not intentionally damage or wet the chip.
    6. Attach the chip and pass through the mat at the recording measurement point.
    7. If you use someone else's chip, the record will not be measured
    8. On-site awards are awarded by Guntime and records are provided in Guntime.
    -Simple chip Tel: 02-6281-8822 homepage:

Responsibility to check the health of each participant

  • Participants must be fit enough to finish the applied courses without any problems.
  • We recommend taking health examination prior to the event, since there may be hidden heart problems.
  • In some cases, the marathon headquarters may request the submission of a health certificate. We have Organizer's Liability Deduction for participants, but please take care of your health and stop it soon if you feel any abnormalities while running. The organizer does not take any responsibility except for Organizer's Liability Deduction subscribed for the participant, so please decide whether the participant can run through the medical institution without difficulty and apply for participation.

Marathon Insurance Guide

  • Participants in the Busan Sea Marathon are insured under the following conditions, with the marathon secretariat as representatives and policyholders.


compensation limit

Co-pay per accident (KRW)


30 million won per person / 30 million won per accident

100 thousand won


2 million won per accident

100 thousand won

treatment cost

3 million won per person / 5 million won per accident


  • Details and Coverage of Busan Sea Marathon
    *The term "in the middle of the competition" means (until you break up after participating in the marathon competition).
    *Collateral - Liability for bodily injury and property damage of others due to accidents caused by the performance of business related to event facilities and event operation.
    *Death accidents caused by excessive drinking may be investigated after the competition. There is no compensation for the content that is not related to the marathon. Therefore, please avoid acts that make it difficult to recover your body after exercise, such as drinking right after the competition.
    *If there is an unfair insurance claim for matters not related to the marathon, there may be an investigation by the insurance company.


Guidance on start and return, final

  • Departure: After each event is located at the starting line according to the guidance of the staff, it starts according to the starting signal of the referee. It can be crowded at the time of departure and net time records are provided, so please take your time and start slowly.
  • Return: Each event's return point is operated and records must be recognized by passing the record sensor installed at the return point.
  • Final: After arriving at the finish line, please quickly receive bottled water for those who arrive at the end and move to the snack place.
  • Disqualified: After the payment of the participation fee is completed and participation is confirmed, the transfer of the participation qualification and participation by proxy are not allowed for smooth preparation for the competition. Changes to participants and proxy participation will be disqualified and no records will be paid.
    *Any irregularities that interfere with or cause difficulties in the accurate circumstances of the competition records, such as running with other people's chips, will not be recognized and the host company may deprive the disqualified person of participation. To this end, the organizing committee will take photos at several required points to identify illegal participants. Please note that if you do not attach a Bib number or attach a modified one on the day of the competition, participation will be prevented by the competition operator.
    ※ Specific cases of disqualification
    - If the Bib number and chip are not attached or if the Bib number is damaged
    - When participating as a vicarious or when participating with multiple chips attached
    - If you start from another event other than your own
    - Participants in transit buses or emergency vehicles
    - In the case of obstructing the operation of the competition or the accurate assessment of records, or intentionally interfering with the legitimate race of others, etc

Changing rooms and Storage facilities

  • The changing room and the storage of goods shall be installed and operated at the gathering place (BEXCO outdoor plaza)

Traffic control

  • All vehicles for cheering and coaching except for vehicles for the competition, and two-wheeled vehicles such as bicycles and motorcycles are prohibited. However, exceptions are allowed to photographing vehicles for sidewalks and broadcasts. Vehicles for progress must have a designated sticker issued by the competition headquarters attached to the top right of the front.

Return vehicle and emergency vehicle

  • Each course has cars and ambulances for participants and patients who have given up the race.

Beverage supply

  • Mineral water (water) is prepared from 5km, and drinks and food supply stations are operated every 2.5km from 7.5km. A separate beverage supply station is set up at the finish (final) point to provide bottled water.

Medical treatment

  • Ambulances with emergency medical personnel are on standby in the race area, and emergency medical centers for rest and emergency measures are located at the finish line.

Suspension of the marathon

  • If it is impossible to hold the marathon due to a natural disaster, the marathon may be canceled and the participation fee will not be refunded.

Certificate of record

  • The Certificate of record is only provided for the 10km division and will be sent to you via mobile.


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